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Planting for the future

Planting for the Future is an endowment fund which, thanks to the donations of its patrons and as part of its general interest mission, supports reforestation, environmental education and research projects. It helps to meet the current and future challenges of forests and the wood industry in France.

To carry out its mission, the Planting for the Future Endowment Fund relies on the skills of a network of professionals involved in sustainable forest management on a daily basis.

Without planting, French forests will no longer be able to meet the growing demand for wood, to participate in the energy transition, or to fully play their role as a key player in the sustainable development of the territories: protection of water and soil, maintenance of biodiversity, fight against climate change, maintenance and creation of jobs that cannot be relocated...

The natural regeneration of forests is no longer sufficient to meet the growing need for wood and the development of a bio-sourced economy.

Sustainable forest management ensures the biological diversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and ability of forests to fulfil, now and in the future, relevant economic, ecological and social functions at local, national and international levels, without causing damage to other ecosystems.


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The Planter programme finances the following actions and projects:

National calls for projects

- Individual projects submitted by forest owners


Territorial projects

- Reforestation of poor or damaged stands in your area


Thematic projects

- Development of the circular economy of the territories
- Preservation of biodiversity
- Boosting carbon capture