Offer a solidarity gift card valid in local shops and associations!
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Reward your sales force with the most satisfying incentive gift card on the market!

You are a sales manager and wish to motivate, retain and reward your employees or external service providers with an original and innovative solution? Discover Sorewards, the first dematerialised incentive gift card with a positive impact. Boost your sales force by putting forward a motivating reward, valid in all retailers, large chains and e-commerce sites. The ideal alternative to the classic gift card or gift certificate!

An incentive gift card with a positive impact

With Sorewards, your sales representatives or your external service providers have a choice! The gift card can be spent in one or more instalments, at all retailers, but also in the form of donations to be paid to NGOs or associations of their choice.

If the balance has expired, you can recover the amounts and donate them directly to the associations that are important to you and that share the same values as your company.

Fully customisable to your brand colours

Sorewards is also an incentive gift card that can be entirely personalised and customised with your logo and colours. Integrate your logo directly on the management interface accessible to your sales representatives, define the personalised URL of your programme and freely set the validity date of your gift card.

Dematerialised and reloadable, the Sorewards gift card takes the form of a prepaid Visa® card, contactless and compatible with Google and Apple Pay. 

- Prepaid Visa® gift card
- Dematerialised and reloadable
- Nominative and customisable with your logo
- Valid in France and abroad (millions of retailers)

To thank and motivate your employees and influencers, offer the most satisfying reward on the market!

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Sorewards benefits for your sales management

- Stimulate your sales force to achieve and exceed their objectives with a motivating, innovative and positive impact reward
- Prepaid Visa® gift card
- Dematerialised and reloadable
- Nominative and customisable with your logo
- Valid in France and abroad on the web, in major retailers and in small shops (millions of retailers)
- Integrate associations that support your values
- Encourage your sales force to donate all or part of their gift card

Recover the expired balances of your cards and donate them to the associations of your choice!

Large companies trust us

They talk about our Sorewards gift card

We use Sorewards in the context of our commercial challenges with our network of estate agents.
The platform allows us to manage and monitor the performance of our reward programme in complete autonomy.
We have quickly measured the positive results on the motivation and satisfaction of our franchisees.

As a company specialising in SSE, I wanted to offer employees a gift card that was meaningful. Thanks to Sorewards, the beneficiaries of our gift card can treat themselves while contributing to the financing of a positive impact project.

We needed an international reward solution to encourage our travel agents in the Italian market.
With the dematerialised gift card, we no longer have to manage the logistics of gifts. We distribute and reload a reward valid abroad in a few clicks.