An international gift card valid everywhere

Choose a universal gift card that can be used anywhere, to reward your customers and challenge your international teams.

The Sorewards gift card is easy to use around the world, without any constraints, and can easily be adapted to the needs of organizations operating in several countries.

Why deploy a borderless gift card?

Building customer loyalty around the globe

Gift cards are a powerful way of building customer loyalty. This commercial attention encourages them to make a lasting commitment to your brand. It has a dual effect on motivation and customer satisfaction. By offering purchasing power, gift cards help you stand out from the crowd and build positive relationships across borders.

Reward your employees in your international subsidiaries

Challenging your teams is an effective way of motivating them to achieve objectives. Gift cards are extremely attractive for sales and operational staff, who see them as a concrete way of increasing their purchasing power. They can also be used in international companies to reward the most competitive employees or subsidiaries.

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Benefits for
your beneficiaries

Valid worldwide

The Sorewards gift card knows no borders. Dematerialized, it is valid in all stores accepting VISA debit cards, in France and abroad. Your prepaid Visa card, fully compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, is easy to use contactless from your smartphone.

For use in all retail outlets

No restrictive list: the Sorewards gift card is multi-brand. The sums credited to the beneficiaries' account can be spent without limit on major French and international brands, as well as local stores, in boutiques or on the Internet.

Adapts to every mood

No constraints in terms of purchasing universe with the Sorewards gift card. Fashion, culture, leisure, high-tech products, household appliances, etc.: beneficiaries enjoy unrestricted freedom of choice.

In line with your social and environmental values

With Sorewards, your beneficiaries can give meaning to their gain in purchasing power by making a a donation to an association to make a positive impact in the world. For example, by supporting a humanitarian project in a developing country.

What are the benefits for your organization?

An incentive program that's quick and easy to deploy

The Sorewards gift card can be easily deployed on an international scale thanks to its acceptance in the VISA network.
The intuitive, customizable platform simplifies implementation, saving time and money.
In use, a company or CSE can easily delegate the management of its budgets and rewards to subsidiaries, while having a consolidated view at head office level for better control.

Reward distribution in four languages

The multilingual Sorewards Web App enables beneficiaries to make purchases and monitor their accounts in French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Distributed in euros, rewards can thus be simply declined to a wide international audience and used all over the world with a VISA prepaid card valid in over 200 countries.

A tenfold positive impact for your CSR

Involve your teams and customers in your organization's CSR approach, by offering them the possibility of making a donation to an association of their choice.
By using the Sorewards gift card in a socially responsible way, they increase your company's positive impact.
You can also show your generosity by choosing to donate the amount not consumed to international charities and NGOs within the framework of corporate philanthropy.

Try it and you'll love it!

With nearly 70 million merchant partners worldwide, our multi-brand gift card is the perfect way to give pleasure!

Contact our sales team to find out how to deploy the Sorewards gift card in your organization.

What our customers say

Dassault Systèmes

Eve Cambet

Bilingual English Executive Assistant

Sorewards makes it easy for me to manage our employees' rewards internationally. I am 100% autonomous in distributing gift cards in English. On the platform's dashboard, I can track reward consumption to ensure that our foreign teams are using their rewards to their full satisfaction.

Air Tahiti Nui

Ana Luis

European Sales and Marketing Manager

We needed an international reward solution to encourage our travel agents in the Italian market. With the Sorewards dematerialized gift card, we no longer have to manage gift logistics. In just a few clicks, we can distribute and reload a reward valid abroad.


Nicolas Glandon

Retail and Digital Director

Sorewards replaces the Amazon gift card for our incentives in Europe, and reimburses us for the unused portion. With the Sorewards online platform, we save precious time in distributing our rewards in Europe. And our Beauty Advisors can treat themselves in their own country.

Konica Minolta

Sophie Groussard

Marketing and CSR Director

With Sorewards, we give real meaning to our CSR approach, by offering employees who have received training to raise awareness of CSR issues the opportunity to contribute to a gesture of generosity and solidarity by making a donation to one of our partner associations.

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