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corporate gift card: use it anywhere

No other Visa prepaid corporate gift card offers so much freedom to its beneficiaries, while being suitable for all profiles!
The Sorewards multi-brand incentive gift card is versatile and easy to use anywhere. It can carry your corporate colors and support the causes you champion.

Where can I use my Sorewards gift card?

Offer the best reward experience with a 100% dematerialized (zero plastic)all-in-one gift card, embedded in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets!

Major chains and convenience stores

While others offer a limited number of partner outlets, the Sorewards gift card is multi-brand: it is valid at all retailers (large or small) accepting VISA debit cards. In France, but also abroad in over 200 countries! It can be used without contact with any payment terminal.

For use on the Internet

Valid everywhere, the Sorewards gift card can also be used for online purchases on e-commerce sites. Universal and ethical, it's the perfect alternative to a gift card from Amazon or any other online retailer!

In donations to associations

A boost to purchasing power, the Sorewards gift card offers the opportunity to be generous, freely encouraging recipients to make a donation to the association of their choice. The company itself can become a sponsor by donating expired and unconsumed gifts.

They trust us

Freedom of choice without constraints

The Sorewards universal gift card opens up the acceptance network.

Beneficiaries are free to choose how they want to use the amounts credited: in-store or online, in a major chain or a local store, or even with an NGO.

Fully configurable, you can choose to restrict its use to certain chains in France or abroad.

Fully customizable

Put your corporate colors on your gift card.

The solution is available as a white label to reinforce your brand image. Choose your logo, your colors, your message, the amount allocated, the validity period, the acceptance network, etc.

Sorewards, the eco-responsible and socially responsible card

100% digital, the Sorewards gift card reduces its impact on the environment by avoiding the use of plastic.

Solidarity-based, it enables organizations toencourage donations to charitable and humanitarian associations, through 2 levers:
Theindividual commitment of beneficiaries who choose to donate all or part of the credit on their gift card.
TheCSR commitment of the company, which can donate expired and unconsumed gifts.

Committed, the network of partner associations is fully customizable, so you can propose a list of associations according to your values, keep our current partners or suggest new ones!

At Sorewards, our business model is transparent

In the majority of services offering gift cards, remuneration is based on the amount not consumed: a billion euros of purchasing power lost or forgotten every year in France.

With Sorewards, costs are transparent and the amount not consumed is returned to companies, who are encouraged to donate it to an association in the form of sponsorship (we take no commission).

Switch to the universal gift card!

With nearly 70 million retailer partners worldwide, our multi-brand gift card is the best way to give pleasure!

Contact our sales team to find out how to deploy it within your organization.

What our customers say


Nicolas Glandon

Retail and Digital Director

Sorewards replaces the Amazon gift card for our incentives in Europe, and reimburses us for the unused portion. With the Sorewards online platform, we save precious time in distributing our rewards in Europe. And our Beauty Advisors can treat themselves in their own country.

1001 Salles

Nathalie Leduc

Communications Manager

We have created a B2B loyalty program with the white-label Sorewards card. The API allows us to connect our CRM with Sorewards and convert points into euros in an automated way: our professional customers can use their personalized 1001SallesPro card instantly!


Felix Kaing

Chief of Staff to COO - Lead PMO

A rechargeable prepaid gift card in the Solocal colors that makes life easier for our referral program.

Dassault Systèmes

Eve Cambet

Bilingual English Executive Assistant

Sorewards makes it easy for me to manage our employees' rewards internationally. I am 100% autonomous in distributing gift cards in English. On the platform's dashboard, I can track reward consumption to ensure that our foreign teams are using their rewards to their full satisfaction.

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