Boost your incentives with a universal corporate gift card!

Challenge and motivate your teams with the Sorewards gift card.

Stimulate your teams with a sales challenge! Incentives help your staff to surpass themselves and achieve ambitious results.

The Sorewards incentive gift card is the most satisfying reward for your employees, and fits in with your corporate values and CSR approach.

Create healthy, positive competition

A sales challenge mobilizes and unites your employees around common objectives. Whether it's the launch of a new product or service, a company anniversary, a CSR challenge or a sales boost, there are plenty of opportunities to rally the troops!

Properly organized, this type of operation benefits both the company and its teams. It reinforces a sense of belonging to the company, strengthens bonds between employees and boosts sales. In short, an incentive is a win-win situation !

They trust us

Your positive impact sales challenge with Sorewards

Offer the best reward experience with a 100% dematerialized (zero plastic) gift card embedded in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets!

A gift card valid worldwide

In the form of an international VISA prepaid card, the Sorewards gift card is valid in 150 countries (euro zone) and can be personalized in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian).

Attractive rewards

There's no restrictive list with the standard formula: the card is valid at all merchants accepting VISA cards.
Department stores, convenience stores, e-commerce sites- the choice is yours!

An easy-to-use card

With Sorewards, plastic and logistics are a thing of the past!
100% digital, accessible via a smartphone app, you can reload the card in just one click each time you need a reward, via our intuitive management platform.

Combine incentives and CSR

With Sorewards, your beneficiaries can give meaning to their gain in purchasing power by making a a donation to an association to make a positive impact in the world.

Motivate your teams with extra purchasing power

For your incentive program, choose the Sorewards gift card as a reward for teams who achieve their objectives.
Travel, high-tech equipment, match tickets, experience: rather than a sales challenge prize that won't go down well with your teams, or a gift voucher valid in a limited number of stores, the universal Sorewards gift card gives everyone a free choice of how to use the money credited!

ESG, CSR, offer a reward that reflects your image!

Is your company committed to CSR? Align your rewards with your values!

Encourage your beneficiaries to donate all or part of the amount of their gift cardto an association or NGO, or recover the unused amounts to donate through a sponsorship action.
You can also define the list of beneficiary associations from among our partners or those of your choice!

How does Konica Minolta involve its employees in its CSR approach with Sorewards?

Konica Minolta, leader in corporate digital printing, wanted to raise its employees' awareness of CSR issues through e-learning modules. The Japanese giant's French subsidiary relied on gamification and incentives to ensure the involvement of its teams. At the end of each module, Konica Minolta employees take a quiz to check their understanding of the issues. And the best students receive Sorewards gift cards to reward their correct answers!

" With Sorewards, we give real meaning to our approach, and offer everyone the opportunity to contribute to our approach by making a donation to one of our partner associations. "
Sophie Groussard, Marketing, Communication and Customer Experience Director - Konica Minolta

The SaaS team performance management solution developed by Objow (formerly Fire Tiger) has integrated the Sorewards gift card to reward challenge beneficiaries. The points accumulated are converted into euros, which can then be used to support charities selected by the company.

Computer screen showing the Sorewards gift card management platform, with available balance, dematerialized card and graphics.

Simplify the management of your incentive program!

Allocate amounts, validity period, acceptance network, personalize the card with your corporate colors, list of beneficiaries: everything can be configured in just one click!

Connect and automate your incentive program to our platform via our secure API to simplify the distribution of your rewards.

Boost your incentive program with Sorewards!

With nearly 70 million retail partners worldwide, our multi-brand gift card is the best way to treat yourself!

Contact our sales team to find out how to deploy the Sorewards gift card in your organization.

What our customers say

Konica Minolta

Sophie Groussard

Marketing and CSR Director

With Sorewards, we give real meaning to our CSR approach, by offering employees who have received training to raise awareness of CSR issues the opportunity to contribute to a gesture of generosity and solidarity by making a donation to one of our partner associations.


Nicolas Glandon

Retail and Digital Director

Sorewards replaces the Amazon gift card for our incentives in Europe, and reimburses us for the unused portion. With the Sorewards online platform, we save precious time in distributing our rewards in Europe. And our Beauty Advisors can treat themselves in their own country.

Air Tahiti Nui

Ana Luis

European Sales and Marketing Manager

We needed an international reward solution to encourage our travel agents in the Italian market. With the Sorewards dematerialized gift card, we no longer have to manage gift logistics. In just a few clicks, we can distribute and reload a reward valid abroad.

L'Adresse Immobilier

Brice Cardi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We use Sorewards for our sales challenges. The platform enables us to manage and monitor the performance of our rewards program independently. We quickly measured the positive results in terms of franchisee motivation and satisfaction.

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