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In the field of innovation, the ecosystem is a key element. For this reason, we work closely with our partners. Together we create value and make a positive impact.

Fire tiger

Easy to use, Fire Tiger is a SaaS solution (web and mobile application), specifically designed to allow you to effectively manage, animate and reward the performance of your teams. Fully connectable to your data sources (CRM, ERP, HRIS, social networks, etc.), Fire Tiger allows you to set clear operational objectives for all your teams. Individual or collective, quantitative or qualitative, short or long term, according to the S.M.A.R.T or OKR methods. Their solution is based on Gamification to increase the commitment and value of employees. Fire Tiger is also a fully customisable marketplace. Thanks to their performance, your employees/teams earn points which they can then convert into rewards (bonuses, gift cards, team restaurants, donations to associations, etc.).


OuiLive is a startup that offers connected challenges to companies via its mobile application. The objective is to create team cohesion and engage in a participative CSR approach, while having a strong positive impact.


Screeb is a feedback loop solution. Screeb provides user survey, analytical processing and customer support services. There is also a mobile application to conduct in-app surveys.


VISAMUNDI, the French specialist in electronic visas, is an agency specializing in 100% digital travel documents. Its experts accompany both travelers and tourism actors for whom a free access to the API is proposed. The main objective is to simplify the organization of travelers and the work of professionals.

Sweet Show

Sweet Show is a digital solution that aims to ensure commercial success through synergies between the sales teams and the rest of the company.