A universal, positive-impact gift card solution for businesses.

Our story is one of committed entrepreneurs wanting to become players in the social economy.

What if we were to radically transform the potential of financial reward?

The classic gift card has had its day. Sorewards renews the concept of rewards by offering a meaningful solution that is both effective and caring. A gift card that not only reimburses the unused (1 billion euros lost or forgotten every year in France), but also encourages CSR by integrating everyone into a virtuous chain of generosity: companies, beneficiaries and associations alike. It's time to make gift vouchers a part of the positive, social and solidarity-based economy!

Quite simply, to give pleasure and choice. Our aim is to raise awareness and empower organizations and individuals around giving and responsible purchasing, without ever giving lessons. Just a card so generous that it makes you want to be generous too.

Our universal motivations and rewards solution is valid everywhere in the world, from the largest retailers to your local bookshop or organic grocer.

Solidarity finds its raison d'être in altruism and the joy of freely chosen giving, without value judgment.

Dematerialized, agile and fully customizable, this card is based on a transparent and ethical business model. It contributes to the confidence of organizations, the motivation of teams, the influence of the employer brand and the pride of all.

They trust us

Our vision: social rewards = sorewards

Gift vouchers are the source of much frustration for companies and their recipients:

  • 1 billion in gift cards is lost or forgotten in France every year
  • Local shops and associations excluded from access networks
  • Managing rewards is cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Personalization of gift certificates is very limited

The current gift voucher model is not part of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), and no longer meets the requirements of companies and SSCs, or the expectations of consumers.

Our aim is to transform the use of financial rewards by offering organizations a solution that makes gift vouchers part of the positive economy.

To achieve this, we propose an alternative model to traditional gift vouchers. A more transparent and virtuous model that enables companies and employees to support great causes through donations, giving even more meaning to the CSR approach.

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We've pooled our skills and values to offer you the 1st universal, positive-impact gift card solution for businesses.

An intuitive, secure SaaS platform

to improve the performance of financial rewards

A free generosity solution

across the entire value chain (companies, teams, associations)

A clear business model

for organizations, associations and gift card recipients