Sorewards gift card

A gift card so generous it makes you want to be generous too.

Sorewards, the Visa® prepaid gift card

Offer the best reward experience with a 100% dematerialized (zero plastic) gift card embedded in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets!

100% paperless

A universal gift card that's 100% digital, offering unrestricted, borderless freedom of choice to reduce carbon footprint by doing away with the physical card.

Your phone becomes a means of payment via our app or embedded in your Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet (payments secured by 3D Secure and native wallet).


Top up your beneficiaries' gift cards with the amount of your choice.

Universal and international

Over 70 million retailers and brands available worldwide.

The Sorewards gift card is valid in 150 countries (euro zone) and can be personalized in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian).

Customized acceptance network

Customize the acceptance network for your gift cards.

Choose to restrict the use of the card to certain stores, or offer donations to charities only.

Put CSR at the heart of your gift cards

Turn your rewards program into a solidarity program!

With Sorewards, you support the associations and causes that are close to your heart.

Involve your beneficiaries in your CSR approach

Encourage your beneficiaries to donate all or part of their gift card.

Improve your social and environmental impact

Integrate your rewards program into your CSR action plan.

Become a patron organization

Recover expired gift card balances and donate them to the charity of your choice.

Sorewards meets your
financial reward needs

A multi-brand gift card for incentive programs

Whether for your sales challenges, sponsorship or co-optation programs, Sorewards offers a gift card solution (connectable to your CRM) that will satisfy your teams, customers and partners.

Offer your employees a multi-brand gift card that will really please them

Give your employees a boost to their purchasing power by offering them a gift card for URSSAF events (exemption from social security contributions of €183 per event) and recover the balance of unused cards. Sorewards is the best alternative to gift vouchers.

Easily reward your teams abroad

Deploy an international rewards program with a prepaid Visa® corporate card valid in over 70 million physical and online stores.
Delegate the distribution and personalization of your gift cards to your foreign subsidiaries in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) from our multilingual SaaS platform.

A 100% customizable gift card for your tailor-made reward program

Whether you need a themed multi-brand or single-brand gift card for arrowed purchases, a loyalty card in your own colors for your brand image, or even to automate the distribution of your corporate cards via our API, we can help you with your tailor-made project.

What are the advantages?

Sorewards, the universal gift card that simplifies life for managers and recipients!

Even more benefits

Available as white label

Create a unique gift card that reflects your personality!

Integrate your logo, choose your colors, customize your messages and freely define the validity period of your rewards.

Rewards management platform

Control and track the performance of your rewards program via an all-in-one online platform.

Credit your endowment budgets, allocate your gift cards, reload them instantly, track the consumption and expiry of your rewards, and interconnect your rewards program via our secure API.

Computer screen showing the Sorewards gift card management platform, with available balance, dematerialized card and graphics.

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