The birth gift card: the multi-brand gift card for parents-to-be

Give your CSE the opportunity to support your employees in their new life as parents, by combining generosity, ethics and solidarity.

With a birth, a new life begins

The arrival of a new baby is the most beautiful of gifts. The fruit of love, an inexhaustible source of happiness... and a radical change in the parents' daily routine. The birth of a new baby brings with it new rituals - naptime, mealtimes, diaper changes - and the need for constant attention. Nothing will ever be the same again, and the joy of parenthood is matched by the responsibility of caring and vigilance. Parenthood is an enriching experience and an adventure full of surprises and twists!

The arrival of a new baby, expenses for the employee

An Ipsos study for the Observatoire E.Leclerc des nouvelles consommations estimates a child's budget at almost 500 euros per month from birth to age 3.
Food, clothing, hygiene products, equipment, toys and, above all, childcare: the costs are numerous and weigh heavily on parents' budgets. The same study reveals that one in two respondents had not anticipated such a financial burden, which forces them to make trade-offs to take care of their child.
With your birth gift card, get all the essential equipment you'll need. With its acceptance network, you'll be able to visit over 70 million stores(major chains and local shops) to find the right accessories for your baby.

193 € CSE gift exempt from social security contributions

The arrival of a newborn child is an URSSAF event. To mark the occasion, the company can award a gift to the employee, exempt from social security contributions up to a maximum of 193 euros in 2024. The social and economic committee (CSE) is responsible for allocating gifts to employees in companies with 50 or more employees.

The practice of giving birth gift vouchers has become widespread in recent years, as a way ofproviding extra purchasing power to meet the expenses of a newborn baby.

Extra purchasing power with a baby gift card

The birth gift card enables parents tobuy directly the equipment they need for their child. The birth list is exhaustive: cradle, stroller, car seat, changing table, as well as feeding bottles, thermometer, baby carrier, babyphone... The arrival of a baby requires furniture, equipment and accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, nursery and even the car.
More than parental leave, parents need purchasing power!

Benefits for
your employees

Wide choice of baby gifts

Valid in local shops and department stores (Aubert, Autour de Bébé, Bébé 9, Orchestra, etc.) and e-commerce sites (allobébé, roseoubleu, etc.). But also in supermarkets (Auchan, Carrefour, E. Leclerc, etc.) for childcare items.

Borderless use

No more lost cards, they always have it with them in their smartphone! 100% dematerialized, the VISA prepaid card loads into the Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet, for contactless use compatible with the payment terminal of nearly 70 million merchants in over 200 countries!

Your CSE gifts in line with your CSR approach

Involve your employees in your CSR approach by giving them the opportunity tomake a donation to an association with their birth gift card! Ideal for supporting a children's charity, for example.

Well-thought-out features for managers

The Sorewards gift card management platform makes it easy to manage the allocation of gifts to beneficiaries.

Quick refill

Reuse gift cards for future URSSAF events or other rewards, by recharging them directly via the management platform.

A card to match your image

Fully customizable, choose your logo, colors and message.

Computer screen showing the Sorewards gift card management platform, with available balance, dematerialized card and graphics.

Intuitive management platform

Credit your endowment budgets, allocate your gift cards, track the consumption and expiration of your rewards, and interconnect your management tools (ERP, CRM) via our secure API.

They trust us

Offer a birth gift card with Sorewards!

With nearly 70 million merchant partners worldwide, our multi-brand gift card is the perfect way to give pleasure!

Contact our sales team to find out how to deploy the Sorewards gift card in your organization.

What our customers say

Dassault Systèmes

Eve Cambet

Bilingual English Executive Assistant

Sorewards makes it easy for me to manage our employees' rewards internationally. I am 100% autonomous in distributing gift cards in English. On the platform's dashboard, I can track reward consumption to ensure that our foreign teams are using their rewards to their full satisfaction.

Konica Minolta

Sophie Groussard

Marketing and CSR Director

With Sorewards, we give real meaning to our CSR approach, by offering employees who have received training to raise awareness of CSR issues the opportunity to contribute to a gesture of generosity and solidarity by making a donation to one of our partner associations.


Aurélie Métral

Human Resources Manager

As a company specializing in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE), we are committed to offering our employees a gift card with meaning. Thanks to Sorewards, the beneficiaries of our gift card can treat themselves while contributing to the financing of a project with a positive impact.

L'Adresse Immobilier

Brice Cardi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We use Sorewards for our sales challenges. The platform enables us to manage and monitor the performance of our rewards program independently. We quickly measured the positive results in terms of franchisee motivation and satisfaction.

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