Enrich your loyalty program with a universal, solidarity-based gift card

Boost customer loyalty with the Sorewards universal gift card.

Reward your customers to build loyalty! A loyalty program is the best way to strengthen your commercial relationship and turn your customers into ambassadors.

With our dematerialized ecosystem and ethical model, deploy a committed rewards solution that sets you apart.

Recognize your customers

Loyalty must pay off! And what better way to reward a loyal customer than with additional purchasing power?
The Sorewards gift card is an ideal part of your customer loyalty strategy. It consolidates the bond you've established with your customers, and encourages them to give preference to your brand for future purchases.

They trust us

Positive impact loyalty with Sorewards

Offer the best reward experience with a 100% dematerialized (zero plastic) gift card embedded in Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets!

A gift card valid worldwide

In the form of an international VISA prepaid card, the Sorewards gift card is valid in 150 countries (euro zone) and can be personalized in 4 languages (French, English, Spanish, Italian).

Dematerialized and refillable

With Sorewards, plastic and logistics are a thing of the past!
100% digital, accessible via a smartphone app, you can reload the card in just one click each time you need a reward, via our intuitive management platform.

Freedom of choice

There's no restrictive list with the standard formula: the card is valid at all merchants accepting VISA cards.
Department stores, convenience stores, e-commerce sites- the choice is yours!

Encouraging generosity

With Sorewards, your beneficiaries can give meaning to their gain in purchasing power by making a a donation to an association to make a positive impact in the world.

Loyalty will always be cheaper than acquiring a new customer

Opt for a tiered rewards system to encourage consumers to give you preferential treatment in order to benefit from the advantages you have to offer!
A genuine loyalty-building tool, the gift card sets you apart from your competitors and transforms your commercial relationship by creating a unique bond. By offering an attractive, innovative and committed gift, you please your customers and enhance your brand image at the same time.

Visual of the 1001salles PRO navy blue VISA card, by Sorewards.

How did 1001 Salles integrate the Sorewards gift card into its loyalty program?

The 1001 Salles Group is a leader in B2B/B2C networking with referenced event suppliers. In collaboration with Sorewards, the group has developed its 1001 Rewards loyalty program.
This program enables organizers to accumulate points for each event created on the platform, which are then converted into euros via a dematerialized gift card.
The 1001 SallesPro platform automatically connects to the Sorewards system to manage the creation of VISA prepaid cards and the conversion of loyalty points into cash.

" This virtual VISA card aspect makes a real difference in terms of corporate constraints. [...] The team is efficient and close to its customers "
NathalieLeduc, Marketing & Communication Director - 1001salles Group

Computer screen showing the Sorewards gift card management platform, with available balance, dematerialized card and graphics.

Simplify the management of your loyalty program!

Allocate amounts, validity period, acceptance network, personalize the card with your corporate colors, list of beneficiaries: everything can be set up in just one click!

Connect and automate your loyalty program to our platform via our secure API to simplify the distribution of your rewards.

Boost your loyalty program with Sorewards!

With nearly 70 million retail partners worldwide, our multi-brand gift card is the best way to treat yourself!

Contact our sales team to find out how to deploy the Sorewards gift card in your organization.

What our customers say

1001 Salles

Nathalie Leduc

Communications Manager

We have created a B2B loyalty program with the white-label Sorewards card. The API allows us to connect our CRM with Sorewards and convert points into euros in an automated way: our professional customers can use their personalized 1001SallesPro card instantly!


Nicolas Glandon

Retail and Digital Director

Sorewards replaces the Amazon gift card for our incentives in Europe, and reimburses us for the unused portion. With the Sorewards online platform, we save precious time in distributing our rewards in Europe. And our Beauty Advisors can treat themselves in their own country.

Air Tahiti Nui

Ana Luis

European Sales and Marketing Manager

We needed an international reward solution to encourage our travel agents in the Italian market. With the Sorewards dematerialized gift card, we no longer have to manage gift logistics. In just a few clicks, we can distribute and reload a reward valid abroad.

L'Adresse Immobilier

Brice Cardi

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We use Sorewards for our sales challenges. The platform enables us to manage and monitor the performance of our rewards program independently. We quickly measured the positive results in terms of franchisee motivation and satisfaction.

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