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Why use dematerialized gift vouchers?

February 23, 2024

In today's digital age, modes of consumption and communication have evolved considerably, and the world of gifting has been no exception to this trend. Dematerialized gift vouchers, also known as electronic gift cards or e-cards, have emerged as an innovative solution for practical, personalized gift-giving.

Accessibility and comfort

One of the main advantages of dematerialized gift vouchers is their ease of access and practical use. Recipients can instantly receive their gift by e-mail or text message, eliminating the need to wait for physical delivery. What's more, they can easily store and use the gift certificate on their smartphones, at any time and from anywhere.

Valid in over 70 million stores, you no longer have to wonder whether your gift card is valid in the store you want to visit.

What's more, dematerialization helps reduce waste, as every year around 20% of physical gift vouchers are lost or forgotten, representing a significant loss for consumers and businesses alike. By opting for dematerialized gift vouchers, users avoid this problem, as they can neither lose nor forget their virtual card.

Personalizing your card

The ability to personalize your card to your image 100%. This adds a personal touch to the experience from the moment you receive it. Buyers can add special messages or choose from a variety of themes and designs to match the occasion or the recipient's preferences, making the gift even more memorable and meaningful.

Environmental commitment

The use of dematerialized gift vouchers helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and distribution of physical cards. By opting for a digital solution, buyers help to reduce the consumption of plastic, paper, ink and other resources.

Simplified management

As with a bank card, you have access to a webapp, giving you real-time access to your balance. Your card is debited directly after your purchase, and you'd like to make an online purchase? Our webapp makes it possible! Simply go to the webapp and retrieve the numbers given to you, and after 2 minutes, new numbers will be generated. Convenient and secure!

Restaurant voucher dematerialization

In October 2023, Commerce Minister Olivia Grégoire announced the dematerialization of restaurant vouchers, effective by 2026 at the latest. The aim of this total dematerialization is to simplify and reduce costs for businesses. That's why the Sorewards platform is already helping CSEs to educate their teams and employees about the dematerialization of vouchers. Indeed, it is also part of the CSE's mission to reduce the digital divide among employees.

The rise of dematerialization

With a 137% increase in the number of contactless transactions compared with 2021, France becomes the 1st European country with the most card payments via smartphones (wallets). In fact, according to a report by the ECB (European Central Bank), 62% of contactless transactions are carried out from Covid-19 (versus 41% in 2019) in France. This represents 9.1 billion payments in 2022 and 148 billion euros. However, we are still far behind Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands, which have already reached 80%. *

The conclusion?

In a world where technology plays an increasingly central role, the use of dematerialized gift vouchers offers a practical, environmentally-friendly and secure solution for gift giving. By offering increased accessibility, flexible personalization and a simplified purchasing experience, this digital gift method meets the needs and expectations of modern buyers and recipients. By adopting this innovative approach, consumers can take full advantage of the benefits offered by the digital revolution, while contributing to a more sustainable and connected future.

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