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Cédric Lavédrine, SSE specialist, joins Sorewards

Nadege Bonnisset - 10 March 2020 - •

Sorewards is a gift card solution for companies, with a positive and solidarity-based impact. Cédric Lavédrine, a specialist in the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) took part in the project in March 2020, and we wanted to ask him some questions.

Cédric, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Cédric Lavédrine: Professionally, I started at KPMG after business school. Once I had obtained my chartered accountant diploma, I set up my own firm after a period in start-ups, particularly in electronic payment. For the past 20 years, I have developed a very transversal expertise for associations and SSE organisations, either as a chartered accountant or as a consultant on their projects.

I regularly write articles for Juris associations, the last one in July was about the opportunities for an association to structure itself as a SCOP in the personal services sector.

I have also always had a strong interest in technology, from NICTs yesterday to start-ups today. I like to take risks, while keeping my feet on the ground. And I like to pass on advice or expertise to help my teams or clients progress. I also learn a lot from them.

What made you want to participate in the Sorewards project?

Cédric Lavédrine: It was the people behind the project who made me want to join them, Tancrède, Erlend and Marc, whose commitment and values I have known for several years. They presented me with the solidarity gift cards in the spring of 2019 and I integrated these rewards into an animation project with my teams at the end of the year. Thirty people received their dematerialised gift card, with the possibility of freely donating to associations. By testing the system, I was convinced of its effectiveness and its potential to evolve. As an investor partner, I had considered joining a virtual reality project at the same time. However, the Sorewards business model, which is certainly ambitious but more solid, attracted me more. But we also have a strong relationship of trust, and that made me decide.

In your opinion, what are the priority issues for associations in the coming weeks and months?

Cédric Lavédrine: The challenge is to adapt, transform and evolve in an accelerated mode. And associations are sometimes surprising and remarkable in their ability to bounce back, because they are driven by a project that goes beyond individuals.

Historically, they were among the first to use email and the internet to carry out their missions. Today, the challenge is to mobilise the power of their creative force and succeed in overcoming certain historical obstacles, such as enhancing their expertise in the commercial sector while remaining faithful to their project and hybridising their model. The boundary between SSE and companies is becoming increasingly permeable, for better or for worse, in both directions.

Would you like to pass on a message to the entrepreneurs or leaders of associations who will read your testimony? 

Cédric Lavédrine: Every day I find a lot of energy in optimism. I sleep very little and yet I am rarely tired. Sometimes I am mistaken for an 'alien'. I am convinced that optimism is the key to this inexhaustible source of energy I draw from. Be optimistic 🙂

Energy and optimism go well with Sorewards. An award that allows you to show solidarity is doubly positive energy. Is that why you joined the project?

Cédric Lavédrine: I hadn't thought of that, but it is indeed very coherent.

Thank you very much Cedric for answering our questions so spontaneously on your first day of holiday. See you soon!

Interview by Nadege Bonnisset