Want to measure your impact? Discover Impact Track and Zei

March 24, 2021

The desire to act is there. 

And companies have taken on board the need to commit to the environment and to a more responsible society. 

However, it is not easy to make your diagnosis. 

How do you know where you stand today? 

What is the impact of your company on the environment, on society and in your governance? 

To answer these questions, here are two interesting platforms: Impact Track for social organizations and Zeï for companies.

Impact Track 

This is a young ESUS-approved company that we met in Nantes. 

And it's perhaps no coincidence that Nantes is the number 1 city in France for CSR, according to this recent article published in Ouest France.

Impact track is a platform that enables social organizations, associations, foundations, impact incubators and social enterprises to measure the impact achieved by all their stakeholders.

How does it work? 

Impact Track guides you step by step on the platform to define your indicators according to your areas of impact (health, education, environment, etc.). 

Then you trace the links between the realisation of your mission, either directly in the field or through your network of actors, and your objectives. 

Impact Track then collects the data from your beneficiaries and partners. 

An impact summary is then produced, using a format designed by Impact Track specialists. It can be read and shared with your partners, sponsors and donors. 

On this topic, we recommend you read the article "Which method should you choose to measure the impact of projects supported by corporate philanthropy?" on their blog.

They use Impact Track

The Jan and Oscar and Breakpoverty foundations, the impact incubator 1Kubator and the Empowerment Lab collective measure their impact on Impact Track.

To find out more, contact the team or request a demo here


Its name comes from its original name: "Zero Eco Impact". 

Zei is an easy-to-use platform that allows you toassess your environmental, social and governanceimpact score.

Depending on your progress objectives, Zei offers you the most sustainable commitment solutions and alternatives. 

On this subject, we recommend the latest article published on the Zei blog "How to launch your CSR approach easily".

Committed brands

For the general public, Zei offers consumers a wide range of ethical, sustainable and transparently committed brands

Visit the Zei website by sector or product range: https: //

Do you know of any innovative tools or platforms for measuring impact?

Contact us, we will be happy to discover useful solutions for our corporate clients and associative partners.

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