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The Sorewards culture card: because there's more to life than Netflix!

April 11, 2024

It seems that reading is declining among young people* and that if cinema and museum attendance is picking up again, many French people are no longer going back because of the price*? 

Because there's more to life than Netflix, broaden the cultural and intellectual horizons of your employees by offering them a culture card that will allow them to go back to the cinema, visit museums or conquer the infinite universe of bookstores.

The Sorewards culture card, the key to the world of arts and culture

The Sorewards Culture Gift Card opens the doors to a world where every museum, every gallery, every show becomes an unforgettable adventure. Whether you're passionate about history, music, theatre or cinema, this card allows you to explore a multitude of cultural activities to suit all tastes and desires. 

Would you like to see Messmer, the greatest of hypnotists? It's possible with your Culture gift card!

Are you a movie fan, but don't go often because of the price? Your Sorewards culture card offers you the opportunity to go to the dark rooms again and enjoy yourself on the big screen. Don't be held back by this point anymore, because with your culture card, you can pay for your tickets without constraint, and therefore enjoy your favorite films!

If you like to devour books, you can buy them to your heart's content. Let's take this opportunity to give a little nod to our favorite bookstore in Nantes: the geothèque, which agreed to collaborate with us for one of our projects!

We also know that several big festivals will be present this summer: the ardentes, the vieilles charrues, the nuit de l'erdre, the Hellfest, Garorock and others! Thanks to your culture card, you will be able to participate in all these events without limits!
You will also have access to the biggest exhibitions, such as "Paris 1874 Inventing Impressionism", on display in Paris since March 26th!

A gift that resonates over time

Offering a Culture Sorewards Gift Card is much more than just giving a gift. It's about offering an experience, an opportunity to be enriched, to be amazed and to connect with the world around us. It is a gift that will make you discover the cultural world from another angle and that will allow you to discover or rediscover exhibitions that you may have loved, such as the Wondr exhibition which is located in Amsterdam, and which has charmed more than one! 

You can also rediscover one of the greatest museums with all these works of art: The Louvre.

Tax and social benefits

Explore the undeniable advantage of the Sorewards holiday card: a solution that offers your employees much more than just a summer break. In addition to allowing your employees to fully enjoy well-deserved moments of relaxation, our culture card is also 100% exempt from social security contributions.

Refunds for unused items

At the end of your commitment to Sorewards, get back the unused funds from your Culture gift cards! Our proprietary system ensures that you recover the remaining balances at the end of your experience, ensuring optimal use of your budgets and efficient management of resources. Choose a solution that maximizes the benefits of gift cards, providing an unparalleled experience for both your employees and your business.

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