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OuiLive or how to bring CSR to life in companies

Marine Hamelin - 15 December 2021 - •

When it comes to CSR, we are always looking for innovation. For this reason, meeting the start-up OuiLive was a great discovery. 

A meeting within a committed ecosystem

The Produrable trade fair is the place where the actors and solutions of the sustainable economy meet. We were there on September 23 and 24, gathered around the theme of Regeneration. In this context conducive to reflection and wonder, we were able to discuss our common vision with OuiLive - which was also organising a challenge for theCoral Guardian association . In short, we want to put technology and the new solutions it provides at the service of social and solidarity links

OuiLive's offer is both simple in appearance and so ambitious in what it implies. The objective is "to have a positive impact on your ecosystem via a concrete and innovative CSR approach", and these words can only resonate with the Sorewards approach.

Two objectives: engagement and connection

For them, the creation of a link is done through gamification, and the instrument of choice is an app. At the heart of the app, available on download platforms, are connected challenges. Their aim is to be both entertaining and educational, while at the same time having a deeply committed dimension, since OuiLive includes its "impact partners", associations selected for their positive impact.

Companies can choose to join an inter-company challenge, or even create their own challenge. In either case, employees gather around this high point, forming teams that compete and help each other in a festive atmosphere

OuiLive x Sorewards for an impactful CSR action

Finally, from the point of view of developing corporate commitment, the collective game and the gift card together form links in the same value chain. And these are not the only points the two solutions have in common! Both are fully customisable, in the colours of the partners or of an occasion.

Recently, their team was mobilised for the European Week for Sustainable Development, a key theme for the actors of corporate social responsibility. The next key date is obviously Christmas. This challenge is organised in collaboration with Trainme, with Emmaüs as an impact partner. This is an opportunity to get involved, to be generous, and why not, to win a gift card!

Photo credit: OuiLive - Team ©Adrien Bernard