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Customer loyalty: how did the 1001Salles Group integrate Sorewards into its loyalty programme?

Marine Hamelin - 16 February 2022 - •

Nathalie, nice to meet you. You are Marketing & Communication Director for the 1001salles Group - which led you to work with Sorewards. To begin with, could you tell us about your background?

After an experience within Eurosites and then Chateauform, I joined the 1001Salles Group team in 2017 because the management wanted to develop the BtoB part (1001 SallesPro and MP2). As far as the BtoC part is concerned, it was already well known with the marketplaces 1001 Salles and 1001 traiteurs.

Can you present all the activities of the Group?

The group now has 3 businesses. It is :

  • Publisher of digital platforms for individuals and/or companies:
    • 1001salles, which lists venues and service providers for private events;
    • 1001salles Pro, connects MICE providers;
    • 1001traiteurs, a group of caterers in France;
    • RUB- Reserverunbar, references bars and restaurants in France;1001DJ brings together music professionals on a single marketplace;
  • Event organiser with its MP2 brand. Several events are organised throughout the year: afterworks, MP2 meetings with its system of reverse meetings, eductours or other events in partnership. MP2 is a link builder between event organisers and MICE providers.
  • Content creator, with the 10h01 agency which joined the group in 2017. It offers event providers the opportunity to stand out online, in their own name, by taking charge of their web communication to boost their visibility in the long term.

How did you experience the COVID19 crisis? What impact has it had on your business? 

On the business side, the crisis has been complicated, but so has been the case for many in the event industry. On the positive side, we have been able to free up time to move forward with new projects such as digital meetings and the loyalty programme for all event organisers: 1001Rewards.

Wasn't there a loyalty system before?

No, we had not set up any for the private target group because the events are not really recurrent. Our mission with regard to our subscribers is to generate ever more new requests for private events. On the other hand, for professional events, loyalty is important because event organisers in companies or agencies are consumers of MICE services. We have therefore worked on a loyalty system for them and we have been able to devote ourselves 100% to it.

Why did you opt for the Sorewards gift card?

We wanted a win-win partnership system. So we asked ourselves what we could offer outside the classic card system. We put out a call for tenders and got a response from Sorewards. This virtual VISA card side of things makes a real difference in terms of the constraints on companies. It allows the client company to earn a potential amount of money and to be able to redistribute it in different forms at the service level (gifts, whether for birthdays, departures, the end of the year, etc.) and for purchases. For us, this best corresponded to the logic of reward that could be accepted in companies.  

On the other hand, the team is efficient and close to its customers. 

With Sorewards you have set up an automated system. Are you satisfied with it?

Exactly. Sorewards has adapted to the systems we had developed on the 1001 SallesPro platform. The loyalty programme is created on our account. The Internet user has a back-office there which allows him to generate points according to the requests for events. Each request for a venue or service provider gives him new points. When the points are converted into euros, the platform connects to the Sorewards system to create the personalised VISA card. At this stage, our customers can manage their loyalty points as they wish with the 1001SallesPro card!

Added to this, it was very easy for our developers to integrate Sorewards into our digital platform 1001SallesPro. It was quick and thanks to this, it is now online.

What can we wish you for the year 2022?

A recovery in business in the events sector in the coming months and success for our 1001Rewards loyalty programme with event organisers.

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