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Rewarding your international teams with a universal and solidarity-based gift card

Nadege Bonnisset - 7 May 2022 - •

The Sorewards gift card: reward your employees anywhere in the world

As you know, rewarding your employees boosts their commitment, reinforces their spirit of cohesion and their motivation at work. It is therefore necessary today for you to look for new methods of remuneration which, on the one hand, respond to the desires of your teams and, on the other hand, are adapted to the functioning of your structures in France and abroad.

To meet your needs, we have created a digital gift card for professionals who want to reward and motivate their teams. Discover without delay the many advantages of our platform.

A dematerialised and universal solution

Among the difficulties that companies encounter in rewarding their teams, the method of distribution of gifts and rewards is by far the first obstacle. To facilitate the daily life of professionals and to enable them to unite their most geographically distant employees, Sorewards has created a 100% digital platform, available in several languages (French, English, Italian and Spanish) and based on the VISA network. 

VISA is the world's most universal means of payment and is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. It covers 150 countries and manages 25 different currencies, which makes travelling considerably easier and allows your teams abroad to make their purchases very simply. This allows your employees to treat themselves at their local shops or make donations to local charities, whether they live in China, Brazil or Australia.

This new generation gift card, which is thus adapted to teleworking, allows the secure and instant distribution of rewards, beyond the kilometres that sometimes separate a company from its employees.

A gift card that combines pleasure and value

Consumption patterns are changing and so are the desires of your employees and customers. To help your teams meet their changing needs, we have created a solution that allows beneficiaries to choose how they wish to use this additional purchasing power.

At Sorewards, we therefore favour a complete offer around a dimension of commitment that is dear to us. Thus, your employees have the choice of turning to local shops, large retailers and e-commerce sites to use their rewards. And above all, they can make a donation for the benefit of associations and NGOsAnd above all, they can make a donation, to be in perfect harmony with their values and principles. 

A gift card as a means of engagement

Particularly concerned with the CSR approach of companies, we work with many associations committed to major causes such as childhood, disability, health, social, environmental or international solidarity.

In addition to our partners, you now have the choice, as a company, to select an association or NGO to best reflect your values and those of your teams. Following the example of a major player in the food industry who has expressed its wish to support the Restos du cœur, and to use the donations made by the beneficiaries of the gift cards to support the association.

This federative project makes it possible, in a concrete way, to reinject meaning into work, in addition to the dimension of recognition.

By supporting a cause that is close to their own values, everyone is directly involved in the life of the company and vouches for its CSR approach. This type of social link is all the more necessary as the way we work evolves. For example, with the rise of teleworking, many people no longer share the same relationships with their colleagues or management, and can therefore feel deprived of this essential aspect of company life. By adapting the company to the constraints of digital technology and the dispersion of its employees, Sorewards contributes to federating employees around strong values.

Do you want to bring your teams together and build customer loyalty with a meaningful reward? Discover the advantages of our gift card through a few minutes demonstration.

Photo credits: Christiann Koepke and Nick Fewings (Unsplash)