International Children's Rights Day

November 20, 2021

"I want to change the world". It's with youthful determination that Alice announces her ambition. This ambition is forged every day by the teenager's work with the NGO sapiens. On this International Children's Rights Day, we wanted to highlight our partner associations specializing in children's issues. Whether in France or abroad, young or old, they all have their heads full of projects and dreams. So, on this November 20, Sorewards has decided to put them in the spotlight, and give them a voice.

Of those who will change the world

The NGO Sapiens supports young people aged 12 to 18 in the French-speaking world, helping them to become leaders of change. By giving action keys to children and teenagers who feel the urgency to get involved for a better world, they will know how to stand up and face up. Sapiens perfectly echoes the theme of this 2021 edition: "a better future for every child." Finally, these young people go even further. By creating a better future for themselves, they are creating a better future for the world

The means of this action is theschool of self-confidence. Each year, a class of 25 young people is selected. Each young person invests in an individual project, and receives mentoring from an exceptional team. From plastic pollution to the fight against deforestation, from gender education to school bullying, there are as many causes as there are kids.

A concrete impact for the development of all

The School of Self-Esteem and World Transformation reaches out to the four corners of the globe, so as to be as close as possible to the causes it aims to help. By accompanying young people, the association's team ensures a positive impact on a wide range of issues. But that's not counting the impact on the teenagers' personal development. As they all tell us, this teaching enables them to become the best version of themselves. Sapiens offers total fulfillment

You can support the association with a Sorewards gift card, or by getting directly involved. In this way, today's teenagers can prepare tomorrow's world every day

Child protection

In addition to its work on youth development, Sorewards is also committed to child protection, working alongside the Action Enfance association. Action Enfance's mission is to provide long-term protection and education for children at risk, from infancy to adulthood. It welcomes them, brothers and sisters together, in Children's and Adolescents' Villages, in a stable and protective environment.

The Foundation gives them a sense of direction and balance by helping to maintain ties between brothers and sisters, while respecting their family history, in order to help them develop into independent, responsible adults capable of finding their place in society. Ultimately, building a better future also means ensuring that they grow up in a healthy environment. In this way, children can grow up and take their destiny into their own hands. Donations to the association help create the stable, caring environment of the Children's and Adolescents' Villages.

On the other side of the world

On International Children's Rights Day, it is important to keep an eye on the international scene. On the other side of the world, other associations are carrying out actions to support children and also guarantee "a better future for every child". Among the partners of Sorewards, we are happy to count also SOS Enfants and La Chaîne de l'espoir. 

To go to school

SOS Enfants was created in 1982 to provide effective help to the most vulnerable families. Since then, the association has been present throughout the world. The NGO is convinced that it is by acting with and through families that the impact on children will be stronger and more lasting .

By choosing to make a donation to the association, you can not onlyopen the doors of education to many children, but also give them the comfort they need to succeed. For example, a five-day meal at the canteen costs 2€, but to pay for electricity and study better in the evenings, you need to raise 2900€. Together, we can help them create a better future. Next week, SOS Enfants will be alongside Sorewards at the Affaire de Cadeaux trade show, on stand AC18.

See you on 24 November, at Paris Portes de Versailles. 

For better health

La Chaîne de l'espoir is an association specializing in the care of children and mothers, founded in 1994. Its mission is to strengthen healthcare systems to give everyone the same chances of survival and development. In this way, it contributes to achieving the 2030 objectives for children's health and well-being. It operates in 27 countries. Supporting them financially means supporting the development of prevention and screening; care and surgery to meet the most urgent needs; training and skills transfer to local teams; and the construction and equipping of hospital structures adapted to local needs.

This International Children's Rights Day is the ideal occasion to recall the wonderful work carried out by Sorewards' partner associations. We are very proud to work with them, and would like to encourage everyone to support them, in order tooffer each child the future of their dreams.

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