SOS Children



Operating worldwide, SOS Enfants was founded in 1982 to provide effective assistance to the most vulnerable families.

Helping without assisting to accompany these families to take their destiny into their own hands and allow them to be the actors of their own development, are the reasons for the existence of SOS Children.

It is by acting with and through these families that the impact on children will be stronger and more lasting.

The response to each situation may be different. It can be expressed through the construction of facilities (schools, health centres, maternity wards, etc.) or through support for training and entrepreneurship (literacy training for women, vocational training centres, support for the establishment of economic activities).

In all cases, our aim is to act as closely as possible to the needs of families, while respecting their dignity.


LIDE in Butembo (North Kivu)

A vast program integrating all the components of rural development(education, health, training, civil status, etc.) and supported by the Mutuelles de Solidarité MuSo.

APROJED in Goma (North Kivu)

Reintegration of demobilized child soldiers through training and professional activity, help for raped women and vulnerable families through microcredit and support for small-scale livestock farming.