//LaBicyclette ça roule pour l’impact positif

August 11, 2021

As you know, "the energy efficiency of the bicycle surpasses that of all other man-made vehicles" (*) 

 * Source: Science of Cycling: Human Power

Motivated by the adage, Etienne Lecoeur has been taking you on a journey of discovery since 2018 to meet some very inspiring entrepreneurs with //labicycles. They are the winners of the FrenchIot open innovation accelerator of La Poste Group.

Sorewards: generosity on board

Our co-founder Tancrède Du Réau likes to say that Sorewards gift cards are "so generous that they make you want to be generous"

Interviewed by Etienne in July for the 4th edition of //labicyclette, Tancrède talks about his creative trajectory in this podcast. As you'll hear, it's all about values and empowerment, but also about surfing! 

Listen to the episode with Tancrède Du Réau (17 minutes).

For several years now, thanks to //labicyclette, you can learn more about beautiful #TechforGood start-ups that are driving for the environment, recycling, better corporate well-being or CSR impact measurement. 

Here, in a high-impact tour, are some warm recommendations. 

Wenabi: "Time is commitment". 

Emmanuel Bentejac, co-founder of the Wenabi platform, invites you to make a commitment in this podcast. Here's how Wenabi helps your employees to devote part of their working time to a cause through volunteering or skills sponsorship. 

Listen to the episode with Emmanuel Bentejac (15 minutes).

Famileo: the happy link gazette 

Armel de Lesquen presents the Breton start-up , which creates happiness by strengthening the bond between families and dependent seniors. Famileo provides tools for creating, formatting and printing photos and texts in the form of a gazette.  

Listen to the episode with Armel De Lesquen (25 minutes).

Hipli: the parcel with a thousand lives

How can we improve the recycling of parcels? This is the challenge that Anne-Sophie and Léa wanted to tackle by creating Hipli. The CSR initiative consists of sending back parcels free of charge so that they can be reused. 

Listen to the episode with Anne-Sophie Raoult and Léa Got (23 minutes).

"Murfy repairs, Murfy replaces".

In this podcast Benjamin Blanchard explains how to do good for the environment, for your household appliances and for your savings with the Murfy device! 

Listen to the episode with Benjamin Blanchard (25 minutes).

The incredible Ynsect adventure 

Alexis Angot, co-founder of Ynsect, tells you in this podcast about the incredible entrepreneurial adventure of his four co-founders who are passionate about CSR issues.  

Listen to the episode with Alexis Angot (24 minutes).

Zei democratizes corporate CSR commitment 

Valentin Bouteiller, Zei's Director of Development and Impact - who we talked to you about last March in this article - is interviewed in this podcast. 

Listen to the episode with Valentin Bouteiller (24 minutes).

You can find other podcasts and all these inspiring episodes at a glance on //labicyclette

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