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Générations Futures

Générations Futures is an environmental NGO approved by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and recognised as being of general interest. Since 1996, the association has been fighting against synthetic pesticides and, more broadly, against all chemical pollutants and promoting effective and sustainable alternatives. To carry out its fight, the association carries out awareness campaigns, publishes independent reports, takes legal action against regulations that are not sufficiently protective of people and the environment, and is as close as possible to the people and local issues thanks to its network of branches throughout France. Générations Futures is the main counter-power to agrochemicals.

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Since 2005, Générations Futures has been running the "Alternatives to Pesticides" campaign by organising the annual Week for Alternatives to Pesticides (SPAP) from 20 to 30 March. This time of exchange and conviviality aims to inform as many people as possible about the risks linked to the use of pesticides for health and the planet, to promote alternative solutions for living, consuming and producing more sustainably and to federate an ever-growing network of actors.

Visit the SPAP website now to participate: https: //