Benevolence and Sustainable Commitments: Jean-Paul Deluche, Inspiring Pillar of Sorewards

February 15, 2024

Further to the article in the Populaire du Centre article devoted to Jean-Paul Deluche, we'd like to turn the spotlight on this discreet benefactor and Sorewards investor, who embodies benevolence and commitment to sustainable development. At 72, after running Cafés Errel in Limoges, he now devotes his time to philanthropic initiatives that go beyond financial investment.

Jean-Paul Deluche, Committed Investor

Jean-Paul Deluche is not only our financial supporter, he also shares his wisdom through philosophy workshops in elementary school in the Limousin region. His educational approach aims to pass on to younger generations the values of happy sobriety and responsible consumption, in line with his ecological convictions.

Influenced by Pope François' encyclical Laudato si, Jean-Paul Deluche strengthened his ecological awareness and in 2020 created a foundation to raise awareness of the environmental cause. His commitment is not limited to speeches, but manifests itself through conferences and philosophy workshops, and this resonates particularly with us at Sorewards.

Together towards a Positive and Ecological Economy

Beyond his role as investor, Jean-Paul is a benevolent mentor, guiding the younger generation of entrepreneurs. His financial support for Sorewards, focused on reducing the use of plastic, underlines his concrete commitment to a positive economy.

Jean-Paul Deluche, our entrepreneurial philosopher, investor and mentor, continues to inspire our company towards a more sustainable future. He guides us towards a shared vision of a positive economy and environmental responsibility.

To read the article in Le Populaire du Centre , click here 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d-ufLGDHPDJT0xHIM-hi-7iOGm-jsfLr/view

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